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toy strikes back

29 September 2018/diary/0 Comments

Reflex ball is my only toy, which dares to fight me back. What can I…

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secret ingredient to my ceramic glaze

3 September 2018/ceramics/0 Comments

my secret ingredient o ceramic glaze is no more a secret. here you’re

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looking down-to-earth

26 August 2018/diary/0 Comments

Let’s be realistic, Turkey is a great country with its diverse landscapes and vast culture.…

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mind is full, battery is empty

26 August 2018/Genel/0 Comments

I’m busy with working 7 days a week nowadays. Therefore it is likely that I…

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leave it as you found it

24 August 2018/diary/0 Comments

We realized that we’re affecting natural wild life of Silifke coast, thus we put all…

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collecting someone else’s trash is a literate job

21 August 2018/diary/0 Comments

– Dad, why are those people are collecting our trash? – Boy, they’re literates… You…

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good old kucuk beyoglu

16 August 2018/diary/0 Comments

It’s 2009… Küçük Beyoglu is at its peak. Actually whole Istanbul is at at peak…

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work hard, party sharp

27 July 2018/Genel/0 Comments

this is the kind of party I like: lots of liquor, lots of happy and…

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third person is watching

27 July 2018/Genel/0 Comments

after a few tries with a monopod and some mop stick, I finally found a…

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kazdaglari, hizir camp

21 July 2018/diary/0 Comments

scenes from some kind of a heavenly place: it’s a sanctuary. maybe it is an…

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no one who went there ever returned!

20 July 2018/diary/0 Comments

yes. no one who went there ever returned… …at least as the same person.

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two hangovers met at mosque

25 February 2017/Genel/0 Comments

you cannot wake up on some sundays. actually, you do get off the bed but…

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road to golden temple

30 July 2013/Genel/0 Comments

The Japanese lady in the middle is taking us to a full-fetched tour around Kyoto.…

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light saber duel with bestie

27 December 2012/Genel/0 Comments

the purpose of these two huge lasers is to welcome precious guests to the party.…

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